Children's Mystery and Suspense Novels

I decided that I should catch up in my kids and YA reading. I work in a library and occasionally I get asked for recommendations – sure, I can give people recs for books I loved as a kid, but they’re not necessarily what kids now want to read. (Also I suck at boy recommendations!) Also, I find that a lot of “If you like this, then you’ll like this” lists consist of few books, and tend to focus on the new and trendy.

So, I’ve started an Ultimate Recommendation Project! I’ve been combing through GoodReads and Amazon and my own library database, and I’m arranging things in various categories: Princesses and Fairy Tales, Mystery and Suspense, Historical Fiction: World War II, etc. The conclusion I’ve drawn? My God there are a lot of kids books – I haven’t even started on YA yet!

I’m also trying to read the books on my Ultimate Rec lists, so that I can definitely say that I personally recommend them. As you can see above, I’m starting with mystery/suspense, which was one of my favorite genres as a kid. I recently finished Laura Marx Fitzgerald’s Under the Egg and Peter Abraham’s Down the Rabbit Hole, both of which I really enjoyed.


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