I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have quite a few pads of scrapbook paper and cardstock laying around that I never use for anything. I finally got tired of using tissues and hold slips as bookmarks, and decided to make use of my fancy papers!

These little mat stacks are perfect for bookmarks – a compact size, and a sturdier paper than the bigger scrapbook-sized versions. All I did was cut them in half lengthwise (using my awesome guillotine paper cutter I got for my last birthday!), and voila! Perfectly sized bookmarks. I like them the way they are, but they can easily be spiced up with a hole punch and some fancy ribbon.

I like having something colorful to look at while I’m reading my books! I enjoy going through my bookmarks to find the perfect one to match with whatever I’m reading.


3 thoughts on “Book Crafts: World’s Easiest Bookmarks

  1. Lovely idea. I saw a DIY project the other day. Take a piece of card stock, about 2 inches deep (cut off 2 inches from one of your bookmarks), score at the one inch mark (to bend in wrong sides together), and glue thin magnets – one each to each end on the inside. Fold over. Use on the top page of the book you’re reading.


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